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Club FittingEver wondered why after you read those equipment testing articles and shelled out hundreds of pounds on the new and latest clubs, you never really saw much improvement in your game? It's not your fault, it's the tests that are to blame, in particular their methodology.

 Firstly, such testing environments invariably involve comparing differing head shapes and weight technology with mostly standard shaft, lie and grip specifications. Secondly, the use of human testers (or, indeed mechanical robots) necessarily makes great assumptions about a golfer's launch conditions that are usually irrelevant when it comes to advising other specific individuals or the environment that they play in on a weekly basis.

The point being that your golf swing is unique to yourself and your clubs should be too! Buying either 'off the shelf', or from following magazine recommendations could cost you as much as 30 yards on every drive or be the difference in being on the green or in the greenside bunker with your approach iron play!

So are you serious about your game? YES?! Read on...

Custom Club FittingA consultation with the qualified experts at Golf Made Simple, equipped with the latest ball monitoring technology will confirm what serious players have known all along, that your club must be suited to your technique not the other way around!

It's simple, your golf swing is unique, so the choice and set up of your golf equipment depends crucially on your personal swing, feel and sight preferences and characteristics. Don't put it down the chance!

Please continue to read on this section to find out more about the specific areas of custom club fitting.

The Golf Made Simple Team.

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