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Golf Made Simple, need we say more? From our experience as professional players & coaches we understand that golf can be made too complicated and our natural ability and instinct is removed completely.

So we set out from day one to simplify things! Less theory and more natural instinct. Building on movement skills we all use every day, to help our players improve their technique and ultimately achieve their golfing goals!!

Lessons are available 7 days a week, day time or even from Steve Furlonger @ Redhill Golf Centre.

Lesson prices:

Adult: 30 minute £25 (1 person)

Junior: 30 minute  £15 (1 person)

Playing Lessons

Adult: 60 minute £40 (1 person)

Junior: 60 minute £25 (1 person)

The use of high speed, high definition video will used to help reinforce our coaching and each lesson will include a 30-60 second video clip with voice over which can be viewed from a computer or smart phone, Click here for an example lesson (Club Face & Body Alignment).

Please navigate the variety of lessons options under Learn Golf title from the menu on the left. Hopefully you'll find a section that suits you. You can also view our videos on our YouTube channel, click here.

There are a few tips and an overview on our coaching services we offer at all of our Golf Made Simple sites. 

There is also an online member’s area which offers lots of additional benefits like an exclusive online leaning zone- videos, pictures etc. Also we have a community forum/blog where members can interact with  us and each other to answer their questions etc. Please click on member’s area and register with us today.

Happy reading and enjoy!

The Golf Made Simple Team

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